May 25, 2020
Home Active Vitamin B12 Test

Home Active Vitamin B12 Test

We are proud to announce that we have partnered with Forth Life to offer a range of home finger prick health tests such as the Active Vitamin B12 Test.

Checking your active vitamin B12 levels is quick and easy with our home blood test kits. You take a simple finger prick test and we’ll analyse your sample at one of our UKAS accredited labs in the UK.

This B12 blood test kit measures the active form of B12 specifically (as opposed to total B12). This is the most accurate way to measure your available level of Vitamin B12 and is the best early indicator of any possible deficiency.

The literature now concludes that regular serum Vitamin B12 testing is not all that accurate for assessing Vitamin B12 status and that false normal results and functional Vitamin B12 deficiency is common.

The active Vitamin B12 test according to the research is a much more robust test for assessing overall Vitamin B12 status.

Vegans in particular are an at-risk dietary group for developing Vitamin B12 deficiency due to a lack of reliable dietary intake. The home active Vitamin B12 test will be extremely invaluable for vegans and non-vegans looking to keep a regular eye on their Vitamin B12 status.

Vitamin B12 (along with folate) plays an essential role in the formation of red blood cells and also has an important role to play in nerve health. The human body does not produce its own Vitamin B12 , so it has to be absorbed through diet.

Low levels of this essential vitamin can leave you feeling tired and weak while prolonged deficiency can also lead to anaemia.

Vitamin B12 deficiency is also thought to be play a role in many common diseases from cardiovascular disease leading to the likes of hyperhomocysteinemia to its role in neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimers and Parkinsons diseases.

Our test enables you to check your own active B12 levels quickly, easily and affordably. Simply send your sample direct to our UKAS accredited lab and your accurate result will be available within 48hrs on our secure digital dashboard.

The Active Vitamin B12 Test is extremely well priced at only £39.00.

To purchase the Active Vitamin B12 Test visit our store at: Active Vitamin B12 Test

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