Livia’s Kitchen Chocolate Orange Million Squares Review

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This week’s health food product review and up this time we have the Chocolate Orange Million Squares by Livia’s Kitchen.

Livia’s Kitchen produce a range of vegan, gluten and dairy free treats using natural ingredients.

Livia’s describe their Million Squares as: Gooey date caramel between a layer of raw dark chocolate and an oaty base. Try these unbelievably tasty, gooey, all-natural Chocolate Orange Million Squares

The Million Squares come in three different flavours including Salted Caramel, Salted Peanut Butter and the Chocolate Orange which I will be reviewing today on the blog.

Livia's Kitchen Chocolate Orange Million Squares Review

Livia's Kitchen Chocolate Orange Million Squares Review

Livia's Kitchen Chocolate Orange Million Squares Review

The Natural Health Blogger’s Review

I purchased the Livia’s Kitchen Chocolate Orange Million Squares on one of my recent online shopping spree’s at Holland and Barrett’s online shop.

I have tried many of Livia’s Kitchens vegan treats over the years and have even reviewed their chocolate orange raw millionaire bites previously on our blog here.

The taste of the Chocolate Orange Million Squares as you can expect is delicious, rich chocolate orange flavour and very indulgent, with a nice gooey date caramel center.

I still continue to be blown away with all the amazing tasting treats that companies such as Livia’s Kitchen can come up with using all-natural, healthy and vegan/plant-based ingredients.

The Million Squares as you can probably guess from the name are a healthy version of the traditional popular sweet Millionaires Shortbread.

At £1.50 for three Million Squares it is a very well priced vegan treat in comparison to other similar products and the three squares are very filling.

The ingredients as far as a treat goes are very healthy using the likes of gluten free oat flour, date paste, coconut oil and organic dark chocolate.

Overall: If you are a fan of healthy vegan treats then definitely check out Livia’s Kitchen’s amazing range of products.


£1.50 per 3x million squares

Ingredients & Allergen Information

Date Paste, Gluten Free Oat Flour, Organic Dark Chocolate (Raw Cacao Mass, Coconut Sugar, Cacao Butter (Cocoa Solids 72%)), Coconut Oil, Maple Syrup, Orange Zest (1%), Orange Oil.

Suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Produced in a factory that handles tree nuts, eggs, soya, sesame and peanuts. May contain the off date pit piece.

Where To Purchase & More Information

For more information or to purchase Livia’s Kitchens Chocolate Orange Million Squares, check out Holland and Barrett website below at:

The information in this article has not been evaluated by the FDA and should not be used to diagnose, cure or treat any disease, implied or otherwise.

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