April 1, 2020
Yummy Scrummy Raw Chocolate Brownie Review

Yummy Scrummy Raw Chocolate Brownie Review

This week’s health food product review and up this time we have the Yummy Scrummy Raw Chocolate Brownies by Elements For Life.

Elements For Life describe their Yummy Scrummy Raw Chocolate Brownie as:

This is a brownie, unlike anything you’ve ever tasted before. A slice of delectable richness, thick and tasty with a slab of raw chocolate on top.

Using the finest Peruvian Criollo Raw Cacao, renowned for its smooth chocolate richness, combined with fruits and nuts. Goodness quite unlike the fluffy brownies you’ve had some many disappointing times before.

The Yummy Scrummy Raw Chocolate Brownies are free from refined sugar, dairy, gluten, soya and GMO-free. Which makes them a great choice for vegans, lactose intolerance and coeliacs.

Yummy Scrummy Raw Chocolate Brownie Review

Yummy Scrummy Raw Chocolate Brownie Review

The Natural Health Blogger’s Review

If I could sum up the Yummy Scrummy Raw Chocolate Brownies in two words it would be absolutely delicious.

It still amazes me what delicious treats can be produced from healthy ingredients such as dried fruit, nuts, superfoods and of course not forgetting the main ingredient raw cacao bean.

The taste of the Yummy Scrummy Raw Chocolate brownies are phenemonal, very rich, decadent and indulgent raw chocolate experience.  The texture of the brownie is also very nice and every bite just melts in your mouth.  I divided the brownie up into 4 generous sized bites.

The Yummy Scrummy Raw Chocolate Brownies contain some of my favorite superfoods, especially when it comes to supporting cardiovascular health.

Raw cacao is an excellent source of flavanols, which have been shown to improve endothelial function and as a result support heart health and blood circulation.  Raw cacao is also a good source of the mineral magnesium, which is an important nutrient for the cardiovascular system and to maintain a healthy blood pressure.

Dates are the next ingredient in the brownie and another plant-based food which is packed with health-promoting polyphenols.  Studies indicate that regular consumption of polyphenol rich fruits such as dates, may result in lowered risk of cardiovascular disease and cancer.

I love that they have used walnuts and brazil nuts, both are great choices of nuts. Walnuts in particular are a great source of Omega-3 fatty acids(ALA) and have also been shown to improve endothelial function in studies, lower cholesterol, reduce blood pressure, maintain a healthy weight, amongst other health benefits.  Brazil nuts are a good plant-based source of the mineral selenium.

Topped with the superfood Goji Berries, which is another of my favorites and is a good source of Vitamin C, immune and metabolic health supportive polysaccharides, improves libido and much more.

At £2.79 per brownie they are priced well for a raw chocolate brownie of this type.  The packaging is also superb, keeping the brownie fresh and comes in a sealed bio-degradeable packet.

I would definitely recommend our readers to go check out Element For Life’s website, they have a great product range, not just limited to their tasty raw chocolate brownies, but they also do a great Hemp CBD(cannabidiol) infused raw chocolate brownie now, amongst other superfoods, raw chocolate making kits and much more.


£2.79 per brownie.

Ingredients & Allergen Information

Raw Cacao Butter & Powder & Nibs*, Dates*, Walnuts*, Raisins*, Goji Berries, Brazil Nuts*, Natural Fruit Extracts (apples, grapes & carob)

*Grown to ecological standards & agrochemical free or certified organic.

Allergens in Bold

Where To Purchase & More Information

Yummy Scrummy Raw Chocolate Brownies are available to purchase from Elements For Life’s Official website below at: Yummy Scrummy Raw Chocolate Brownies


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