April 1, 2020
Pomegranate Juice Lowers Blood Pressure

Pomegranate Juice Lowers Blood Pressure

Scientific research has confirmed that drinking Pomegranate juice can significantly reduce both systolic and diastolic blood pressure.

Pomegranate juice has been shown to exert a number of therapeutic benefits that may be beneficial to cardiovascular health including anti-atherogenic, antioxidant, anti-hypertensive, and anti-inflammatory effects.

Pomegrante(Punica granatum L) is a polyphenol-rich fruit with high antioxidant capacity and diverse medicinal properties, ranging from possible cancer protection to supporting heart health.

Let’s take a look at some of the recent research on the evidence-based health benefits of Pomegranate juice for reducing blood pressure.

Pomegranate Juice Reduces Systolic & Diastolic Blood Pressure

Pomegranate Juice Lowers Blood Pressure StudyFindings arising from animal and clinical studies have shown pomegranate juice can reduce BP in both short-term and long-term course.

These effects are accompanied by antioxidant and anti-atherosclerotic actions that collectively improve cardiovascular health. The anti-hypertensive effects have been reported for both pomegranate juice and seed oil. Both systolic and diastolic pressures are affected.

Pomegranate juice possesses antioxidant, anti-hypertensive and anti-atherosclerotic properties. [2]

A systematic review and meta-analysis published in 2017 reviewed the available evidence from randomized placebo-controlled trials (RCTs) investigating the effects of pomegranate juice consumption and blood pressure (BP).

A comprehensive literature search in Medline and Scopus was carried out to identify eligible RCTs. A meta-analysis of eligible studies was performed using a random-effects model. Quality assessment, sensitivity analysisand publication bias evaluations were conducted using standard methods.

Quantitative data synthesis from 8 RCTs showed significant reductions in both systolic [weighed mean difference (WMD): -4.96mmHg, 95% CI: -7.67 to -2.25, p<0.001) and diastolic BP (WMD: -2.01mmHg, 95% CI: -3.71 to -0.31, p=0.021) after pomegranate juice consumption.

Effects on SBP remained stable to sensitivity analyses. Pomegranate juice reduced SBP regardless of the duration (>12 wks: WMD=-4.36mmHg, 95% CI: -7.89 to -0.82, p=0.016) and <12 wks: WMD=-5.83 mmHg, 95% CI: -10.05 to -1.61, p=0.007) and dose consumed (>240cc: WMD=-3.62mmHg, 95% CI: -6.62 to -0.63, p=0.018) and <240cc: WMD=-11.01mmHg, 95% CI: -17.38 to -4.65, p=0.001, pomegranate juice per day) whereas doses >240cc provided a borderline significant effect in reducing DBP.

The present meta-analysis suggests consistent benefits of pomegranate juice consumption on BP. This evidence suggests it may be prudent to include this fruit juice in a heart-healthy diet. [3]


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