October 18, 2019
Mediterranean Chickpea Salad With Feta Cheese Recipe

Mediterranean Chickpea Salad With Feta Cheese Recipe

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The Mediterranean chickpea salad with feta cheese is one of my favorite cheap, quick and healthy lunches that I enjoy regularly.

Beans and legumes are one of the most important food-groups for preventing heart disease and chickpeas are an excellent plant-based source of many nutrients including protein, dietary fiber, folate and minerals such as zinc and iron.

Western diet patterns are notorious for being lacking in dietary folate intake and deficiencies are considered to be very common.

Folate is vital for healthy methylation function and homocysteine metabolism, both of which are vital factors for a healthy heart.  Our Mediterranean chickpea salad recipe is packed with heart-healthy folate.

Feta Cheese is a good source of calcium, Vitamin B12 and protein.  However, feta cheese is rich in saturated fats, so it’s best to only use a small amount.  A little goes a long way with feta anyway, especially as part of a salad.

The Feta Cheese isn’t vital if you wish to omit and go vegan.  The chickpeas alone provide around 14g of plant-based protein and make for a filling meal.

Mediterranean Chickpea Salad With Feta Cheese Recipe


1 can of Chickpeas(Garbanzo Beans) – Rinsed & Drained

1/2 Bell Pepper – Sliced

1/2 Red Onion – Sliced

1/2 Cucumber – Diced

1 Cup Cherry Tomatoes

1/4 Cup Sliced Olives

2 Cups Of Mixed Leafy Salad Greens

Add small amount of crumbled Feta Cheese


Dress with olive oil, lime juice or other salad dressing.

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