December 16, 2019
RAW Health Intensely Italian Crispbreads Review

RAW Health Intensely Italian Crispbreads Review

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Another health food product review this week and here we have the Intensely Italian Crispbreads from RAW Health.

I picked these Italian raw crispbreads up recently, on one of my visits to Wholefoods supermarket here in Giffnock, Glasgow, Scotland and have been looking forward to reviewing them for the blog.

This was my first time trying the crispbreads from RAW Health, although i have tried many of their other products such as their kale chips and raw snack balls, which are also excellent and very healthy.

Raw Health is a brand created by Windmill Organics Ltd, a company committed to providing high quality organic raw foods.

Today I am reviewing the Intensely Italian Crispbreads by RAW Health.

RAW Health Intensely Italian Crispbread Review

The Natural Health Blogger’s Review

The Intensely Italian Crispbread by RAW Health made for a very tasty and healthy savoury snack.

Over the years I have sampled most of the raw cracker products that are on the market.  The crispbreads from RAW Health, in my opinion are the best I have tried so far for a number of reasons.

One of the main benefits is that the raw crispbreads are well digested and don’t feel too heavy, in the way many raw dehydrated crackers can often be.

The ingredients of the Italian Crispbreads are also very healthy, raw, organic and vegan, making them a much healthier option than most store bought brands of crackers and crispbreads.

The Italian Crispbreads were very moreish for this reason and make for a great alternative to regular potato crisps/chips.

The Italian Crispbreads also go very well with any pate or healthy spread, to make a good light lunch.

The Raw Italian Crispbreads are also a good sneaky way to get nuts and seeds such as Brazil nuts and golden flaxseeds into the diet.

Brazil nuts are a great plant-food source of the mineral Selenium and flaxseeds are packed with hormone balancing phyto-estrogens and healthy essential fatty acids such as ALA(alpha-Linolenic acid).

I’d recommend anyone looking for a healthy savoury snack to check out the Intensely Italian Raw Crispbreads by RAW Health.


£9.92 for 2 packs.

Ingredients & Allergen Information

Brazil Nuts(28%)*, Golden Flaxseeds*(27%), Buckwheat Hulled & Germinated*(22.5%), Carrots*, Sundried Tomatoes* (W/Sea Salt)(15%), Onions*, Garlic*, Dried Italian Herbs*, Unrefined Sea Salt and Dried Basil*.

* = Certified Organic Ingredients.

Where To Purchase & More Information

For more information on RAW Health’s range of products, visit their Official website at: RAW Health

RAW Health Intensely Italian Crispbreads can also be purchased from Amazon at: RAW Health Intensely Italian Crispbreads

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