April 4, 2020
Conscious Chocolate Mint Hint Chocolate Bar Review

Conscious Chocolate Mint Hint Bar Review

This weeks health food product review and here we have the delicious mint hint chocolate bar from Conscious Chocolate.

Conscious Chocolate are one of the top manufacturers of organic handmade raw chocolate bars and products in the United Kingdom.

They boast an impressive range of different flavour chocolate bars including mint hint, orange, chili hot, cheeky cherry, cranberry kiss, dark side 85%, goji and coconut, intense 75% and many others.

Conscious Chocolate bars are free from dairy, gluten and soya, so are perfect for individuals with celiac and other food sensitivities.

Today I am going to be reviewing the mint hint flavour organic raw chocolate bar from Conscious Chocolate.

Conscious Chocolate Mint Hint Organic Raw Chocolate Bar Review

The Natural Health Blogger’s Review

I have been a massive fan of Conscious Chocolate Organic Raw Chocolate bars for a number of years now.

I was first introduced to Conscious Chocolate many years ago when I used to run a small health food store and we decided to stock the brand in our shop.

Conscious Chocolate in my opinion are definitely one of the most delicious raw chocolate bars that are on the market, if not the best tasting and overall quality.  You get a good generous sized chocolate bar also at 50 grams.

If you are a fan of mint flavour chocolate, then this is the bar for you and the great bonus is that the ingredients are also very healthy, raw, vegan and organic.

Conscious chocolate bars make for the perfect indulgent healthy treat.  I find a bar goes great with an afternoon cup of Organic White tea.

Conscious Chocolate have had many different styles of packaging over the years also, the current boxes with foil wrap are the best to date and give the bars a great professional look.

Anyone who is a fan of raw chocolate should definitely check out Conscious Chocolates range of Organic Raw Chocolate bars.


£1.92 per bar.

Ingredients & Allergen Information

Cacao Butter, Agave Nectar(17%), Cacao Powder, Coconut Butter, Wild Carob, Essential Oil Of Peppermint(0.5%), Cinnamon, Himalayan Salt*.

*Permitted non-organic natural ingredient.  Cocoa solids 65% minimum.

Where To Purchase & More Information

For more information on Conscious Chocolate Organic Raw Chocolate, visit their Official website at: Conscious Chocolate

Conscious Chocolate bars can also be purchased from Amazon at: Conscious Chocolate Mint Hint Organic Raw Chocolate Bars

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