Glenilen Farm Raspberry Natural Live Yogurt Pot Review

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This week’s health food product review and here we have the delicious raspberry natural live yogurt from Glenilen Farm.

Resting on the banks of the River Ilen (from which Glenilen Farm have taken their name), Glenilen Farm is an idyllic location for dairy farming.  The lush hills of Drimoleague, County Cork offer their cows a rich and plentiful supply of nutritious grass.

Glenilen Farm produce a range of high quality foods including natural live yogurt, cheesecakes, desserts, butter and much more.

Today I am reviewing Glenilen farm’s natural live yogurt with raspberry fruit.

Glenilen Farm Raspberry Natural Live Yogurt Review

Glenilen Farm Raspberry Natural Live Yogurt

The Natural Health Blogger’s Review

The Glenilen farm natural live yogurt is probably the best brand of yogurt that i have tried to date.

You can really tell the difference in terms of quality from a taste point of view, compared to most regular store bought brands of natural live yogurt that are on the market.

The taste reminded me of real, homemade, natural probiotic rich live yogurt and it synergized really well with the raspberry fruit that was added.  Made for a really nice, light healthy dessert after dinner.

The yogurt also digested very well and was very soothing to the digestive system i found.

Another added bonus is that Glenilen farm natural live yogurt doesn’t contain any artificial additives or preservatives.

I would definitely recommend our readers to check out Glenilen farm’s natural live yogurt and other products.  I’m already eyeing up trying their cheesecakes, so expect a review on the blog in the near future when I next visit Wholefoods here in Glasgow.


£1.99 per jar.

Ingredients & Allergen Information

Natural Live Yogurt(75%)(Milk, Live Yogurt Cultures,

Where To Purchase & More Information

For more information on Glenilen Farm’s range of foods, visit their Official website at: Glenilen Farm

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