May 25, 2020
Equinox Ginger Kombucha Drink Review

Equinox Ginger Kombucha Drink Review

Another health food product review this week and here we have the Ginger Kombucha drink from Equinox.

Kombucha is a fermented drink made from green tea, cane sugar and a live culture called a kombucha ‘SCOBY’ (Symbiotic Colony of Bacteria and Yeast). This colony grows on top of the beverage as it ferments, making kombucha a very lively drink!

Equinox Kombucha drinks are certified Organic, Raw and unpasteurized, meaning they are ‘live’ and packed full of beneficial probiotic bacteria, which help to repopulate the gut microflora and to support digestive health.

Equinox describes their ginger flavour Kombucha drink: Ginger extract is delicately blended with our Original Kombucha recipe to give a fiery kick that will not only fulfill your wildest Ginger cravings but also leave your body feeling happy.

Equinox Ginger Kombucha Drink Review

The Natural Health Blogger’s Review

Kombucha has been one of my favorite fermented foods, that I have been enjoying and drinking regularly now for about the past seven years.

I first stumbled upon fermented foods such as Kombucha and water kefir as a potential remedy for my chronic digestive problems and sluggish digestion.

For years I had suffered from chronic digestive issues such as low stomach acid, indigestion, GERD, candida overgrowth and heartburn.  Many of these problems are partially caused by a lack of stomach acid and poor gut flora balance.  Kombucha is very effective for addressing both of these factors, through it’s rich content of beneficial lactic acid probiotic bacteria.

I like to enjoy a bottle of Kombucha along with a meal, I find it offers a nice fizzy, carbonated “champagne” style drink, not to mention helps to prevent indigestion.

Kombucha also makes a great alternative for individuals who wish to abstain from strong alcoholic beverages, but like to enjoy a “sparkling” drink at parties.

Equinox Kombucha is Organic, Raw, well priced at around £2 a bottle and makes for a very tasty drink.  I would definitely recommend our readers to check out Equinox’s Kombucha.


£10.00 for 4 Bottles or £30.00 for 20 Bottles.

Ingredients & Allergen Information

Filtered water, Organic Loose Leaf Green Tea, Raw Organic Cane Sugar, Organic Kombucha Culture and Natural Ginger Extract.

Where To Purchase & More Information

Equinox range of Kombucha drinks are available to purchase from Whole Foods and many other health food stores in the United Kingdom.

Equinox Kombucha Drinks are also available to purchase from Amazon below at:

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