October 18, 2019
Tonvara True Turkesterone Bodybuilding Log

My 30-Day Turkesterone Supplement Bodybuilding Log

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Thanks to the guys at Tonvara, I was generously given the chance to run a 30-day log with their True Turkesterone supplement.

I have been eager to review Tonvara’s True Turkesterone for some time now, due to my past good results with Ecdysterone supplements.

There are many products on the supplement market which claim to be genuine Turkesterone.  However, most of these products tend to be just Ecdysterone and aren’t even true Turkesterone.

Tonvara is one of the only companies currently, which offer genuine Turkesterone produced in Uzbekistan.

Tonvara’s TrueTurk contains a guaranteed 10% pure Turkesterone as well as 10% pure Ecdysterone for maximum protein conversion.

The remaining percentage consists of beneficial phytonutrients such as cyasterone, ajugalactone, ajugasterone and a-ecdysone, which are all directly related to Turkesterone and enhance its already highly effective ability to convert protein into solid muscle.

The major active constituent of Ajuga Turkestanica extract is genuine pure Turkesterone which has been shown to rapidly and naturally increase muscle mass by efficiently converting protein at an impressively high level not matched by any other known natural supplement anywhere in the world. (more information on Tonvara’s website at: True Turkesterone).

Tonvara Turkesterone Supplement Log

The Natural Health Blogger’s Turkesterone Log

My 30-day log with Tonvara’s True Turkesterone supplement.

Day 1: Straight away on ingestion of the 4 Turkesterone tablets, I feel an immediate mild increase in energy, much similar to natural boost that you get from adaptogenic herbs such as ginseng, ashwagandha or suma root etc.

Day 2: I take my Turkesterone first thing in the morning and do my workout shortly after.  Having used the likes of ecdysterone before, I find the best time for me to dose is pre-workout, rather than post-workout.

Already I’m noticing that I can churn out an extra repetition or two, which is always a good sign.  Lactate threshold seems to be reduced, so I suspect Turkesterone and Ecdysterone to have an effect on increasing muscular ATP levels.  Very similar to the mild performance enhancing benefits that I get from Creatine supplementation.

Day 3-5: Still going strong with the Turkesterone at 4 tablets daily and with no side effects to report so far.

I could swear I’m noticing a mild mood boost and an improved sense of wellbeing on consumption, much again like the effect you get from adaptogenic herbs.  Very mild, but also a noticeable difference.

Day 6-10:  Noticing a massive increase in appetite and hunger since starting the Turkesterone.  Enjoying food once again and finding it very easy to hit my calorie targets for the day.

Currently averaging about 3200-3500 calories daily at the moment, following a mostly Mediterranean diet plan, with lots of oily fish, lean proteins, and other amino acid rich foods such as eggs.

Day 11-16:  Seeing some body composition changes in the mirror, a small increase in muscle mass and muscle fullness.  Not a pump as such, as you would get with vasodilator supplements, but a definite increase in muscle hypertrophy.

Day 17-25:  Workouts are going very well in the gym and I think the Turkesterone may be playing a big role in helping me to hit some new PR’s this past week.

Now noticing a substantial increase in strength and ability to get that extra repetition or two out with every session.  Same experience I had in the past with Ecdysterone supplements and the supposed Chinese “turkesterone”.

My routine at the moment is 3-4 full body sessions a week, mostly revolving around the heavy compound exercises such as bench press, squats, deadlifts, bent-over rows and overhead press.

Day 30: Final day of my Turkesterone log and overall I am very happy with the results so far, my only wish is that I could afford to run it longer or permanently.

The benefits I have noticed from the Turkesterone include a small increase in muscle mass, a good strength boost and much faster recovery times(especially in between sets), a mild mood-boost/improved well-being and a significant increase in appetite/hunger.

I am really tempted to run another experiment with Turkesterone soon in the future, but this time doubling the dosage to 8 tablets daily, to see if the effects are even more prominent.

Overall I would definitely recommend anyone into bodybuilding to check out Turkesterone from Tonvara.


£19.99 for 60 Tablets and further discounts for bigger purchases.

Ingredients & Allergen Information

Ajuga Turkestanica Extract – 400mg per 4 Tablets

Where To Purchase & More Information

For more information on Turkesterone or to purchase, visit Tonvara’s website at: True Turkesterone

The information in this article has not been evaluated by the FDA and should not be used to diagnose, cure or treat any disease, implied or otherwise.

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