Well and Happy – Matcha Latte Chocolate Bar Review

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This week’s health food review and here we have the Matcha Latte Chocolate bar from Well + Happy.

Well and Happy are a premium healthy chocolate manufacturer, who produce a variety of beautifully crafted and amazing tasting luxury chocolates, that are loaded with functional superfoods such as matcha green tea, lucuma, edible flowers and others.

It’s always my favorite part of blogging, getting to review all these amazing health foods, especially when the food in question is chocolate…

Well and Happy describe the matcha latte as a white chocolate bar, infused with matcha green tea and topped with quinoa. Made with 40% cocoa solids.

The Matcha Latte Chocolate bar is also dairy and gluten free, plus contains no refined sugar.

Well and Happy Matcha Latte Chocolate Bar Review

The Natural Health Blogger’s Review

In all honesty, the matcha latte chocolate bar from well and happy is probably the best tasting chocolate I have tried to date. Very tasty chocolate and keeps you wanting more….

I have reviewed many different raw and healthy chocolate bars over the years, but the matcha latte is something special to try.

As many of my readers of the blog will probably already know, I am a huge fan of both dark chocolate and matcha green tea as superfoods for health.

Both matcha green tea and cacao are extremely rich sources of beneficial antioxidants such as EGCG(Epigallocatechin gallate) and flavanols, which help to support cardiovascular health.

Despite being a huge fan of both matcha and chocolate, I had never tried a matcha chocolate bar prior to trying Well and Happy’s.

I wasn’t sure how the taste would be, given how bitter some matcha green teas can be, but the flavours synergize extremely well and the bar is very moreish, leaving you wanting more.

The bars from Well and Happy are very beautifully crafted and presented in a nice sleek professional packaging.

I would definitely recommend our readers to check out the Well and Happy brand for luxury healthy chocolate.


£3.33 per bar/£10.00 box of 3 chocolate bars(2x matcha latte and 1x caramello)

Ingredients & Allergen Information

Cacao Butter Solids*, Coconut Palm Sugar*, Coconut Milk Powder(90% freshly squeezed coconut milk, 8% maltodextrin, 2% cornstarch), Quinoa*, Chicory Roots*, Green Tea Matcha Powder*. (85% Organic Ingredients) * denotes organic ingredients.

Where To Purchase & More Information

Well and Happy’s range of luxury healthy chocolates are available to purchase from their Official website at: Well + Happy

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