October 18, 2019
Love Raw Rosehip and Lemon Organic Bar Review

Love Raw – Rosehip & Lemon Organic Bar Review

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More raw foods being reviewed on the blog today, here we have the Rosehip and Lemon Organic Bars from Love Raw.

The Love Raw Bars were another of my recent purchase’s, from my visit to Whole Food’s in Glasgow, Scotland last weekend.

For our American readers, most will be very well acquainted with the Whole Food’s brand, which is a supermarket chain tailored towards healthy foods, free from artificial preservatives, colors, flavors, sweeteners, and hydrogenated fats.

I had never come across the Love Raw brand before, so i was very eager to pick up a few of their bars to review for the blog.

Love Raw Rosehip and Lemon Organic Bar Review

Love Raw Bars come in a variety of flavors including Coconut and Chia, Cacao and Spirulina, Cacao and Maca and the Rosehip and Lemon bars, which we are reviewing today.

Love Raw are delicious NUTRIENT-DENSE Snack Bars, packed full of the finest ORGANIC ingredients. High in OMEGA 6, VITAMIN C & PROTEIN, our bars are crammed full of nuts which help to keep you fuller for longer! (We don’t use cheap fillers, only fresh and natural goodness.)

The strong aroma of lemon hits you straight away once opening the packet, which is very refreshing and uplifting.

Lemon oil is traditionally said to have a number of medicinal benefits including fighting respiratory infections, supporting the immune system, reducing inflammation, promote healthy circulation, improving skin health and is a source of Vitamin C.

Another “superfood” the Love Raw Organic Bar contains is Rosehips, which is the fruit of the Rose plant.

Rosehips are an excellent source of Vitamin C, which helps to support the immune system and has potent anti-oxidant properties.  Rosehips are also packed with many other nutrients such as Vitamin’s A, B-Complex and E, plus many minerals such as calcium, selenium, magnesium, iron, manganese and others.

The texture and shape of the bar is similar to many other “superfood” energy bars on the market, and makes for a very filling snack.  The ingredients are healthy, raw vegan, organic and the bars contain no unhealthy refined sweeteners, which is another bonus.

I will definitely be trying the other flavors from the Love Raw Organic Bars range.

Love Raw – Rosehip & Lemon Organic Bar Ingredients

Almonds*, Dates*, Sultanas*, Cashews*, Brazil Nuts*, Rosehip* (5%), Lemon Oil* (0.3%).

Love Raw – Rosehip & Lemon Organic Bar – Price

£2.49 per bar or £29.88 for a box of 12.

Overall Rating

Love Raw Rosehip and Lemon Organic Bar Review

Where To Purchase & More Information

Love Raw Organic Food Bars can be purchased from Amazon below at:


For more information on Love Raw’s Organic Bars, visit their Official website at – Love Raw

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