December 16, 2019
How to use 23 & me DNA test raw data for methylation/detox analysis

How to use 23 & me DNA test raw data for methylation/detox analysis

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In the past few years genetic DNA testing and gene mutations has become a massive topic of interest within the scientific and functional medicine community.

Several health experts now believe that certain DNA gene mutations such as the MTHFR(Methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase) may be linked and/or contribute to a number of common health problems such as elevated homocysteine(a proven cardiovascular disease risk factor), alzheimer’s disease, chronic fatigue syndrome/ME, fibromyalgia, autism spectrum disorders, major depressive disorders, anxiety, psychiatric disorders and many others.

23 and me is one company which currently offers DNA gene testing to UK customers, however the health reports/interpretation they offer currently is very limited.

The good news however, is that you can use the raw data from your 23 and me DNA test on free websites such as Genetic Genie, to get even more exciting health information out of the test such as for methylation, vitamin D receptor gene and detox(cytochrome p450) pathway analysis.

Personally i believe that for the price of the 23 and me test(£125.00), the sheer amount of information that the raw data provides is invaluable.

How To Use Genetic Genie For Methylation & Detox DNA Gene Mutation Analysis
  1. Step one is to download your raw data from 23 and me, which can be found at –
  2. Visit Genetic
  3. For Methylation analysis, upload your 23 and me raw data .zip file at – Genetic Genie Methylation Analysis
  4. For Detox analysis, upload your 23 and me raw data .zip file at – Genetic Genie Detox Profile
My Own DNA Test Results, Gene Mutations, MTHFR, CBS, BHMT, MAO, VDR Taq & Others…

Genetic Genie Methylation 23 and Me DNA Test ResutlsI have spoken previously about functional vitamin B12 deficiency and how its often missed by physicians on regular blood tests, due to serum levels of Vitamin B12 often coming back as normal.

Many doctors are often also quick to dismiss that methylation problems even exist, however if this notion were true then nobody would suffer from elevated levels of a non-protein amino acid known as homocysteine, which typically increases in the body due to impaired or insufficient methylation.

Increased levels of homocysteine are a proven risk factor for developing cardiovascular disease and scientific research has also found that elevated homocysteine plays a role in neuro-degenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s Disease.

To properly assess Vitamin B12 status, functional markers of Vitamin B12 metabolism need to be tested such as serum homocysteine and MMA(methylmalonic acid).

After years of persistant chronic fatigue, shortness of breath, muscle weakness, nervous system dysfunction and other Vitamin B12 deficiency related symptoms, despite having normal serum B12 levels, a spectracell test luckily managed to identify “functional vitamin b12 deficiency”.

Not surprisingly according to my 23 and me DNA test, i also have gene mutations relating to MTRR (Methionine synthase reductase), which can lead to depleted levels of active Vitamin B12(methyl-cobalamin).

I also have a number of other gene mutations including:

MTHFR(Methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase) Mutatations

You have 1 heterozygous (yellow) mutation(s). These are generally not as bad as red homozygous mutation, but they may still worth paying attention to.

They include:


Here are your homozygous mutations as indicated in your SNP gene table above (not including MTHFR):




Here are your heterozygous mutations as indicated in your SNP gene table above (not including MTHFR):







Click the image below to view my methylation & other gene analysis test results example, provided by Genetic Genie.

Genetic Genie Methylation 23 and Me DNA Test Resutls

We always love to hear from other individuals who have done similar DNA gene testing and used it to improve their health or overcome health challenges.

The information in this article has not been evaluated by the FDA and should not be used to diagnose, cure or treat any disease, implied or otherwise.

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