April 1, 2020
Win a box of Green Pu-erh Tea Competition

Win a box of Green Pu-erh Tea

What better way to celebrate the launch of our new blog, than with a free competition giving away healthy goodies for our readers.

Here two lucky winners will have the chance of winning a box of Jenier’s very special mini toucha green pu-erh tea.

Scientific studies have shwon that pu-erh tea has cholesterol lowering properties due to a natural stain called lovastatin which is produced during the fermentation process.

Pu-erh tea can also help to support the digestive system, has potent anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties, aid’s weight loss and can cleanse the liver.

Win a box of mini toucha green pu-erh tea

Mini Toucha (often referred to as mini bird’s nests) is a variety of Pu-erh handmade from green tea leaves that are processed and then steamed before being hand pressed into a bowl like shape. This particular ancient traditional Pu-erh tea is made entirely from the larger leaf Yunnan tea varietal, Camellia Assamica.

As with most Pu-erhs, age only enhances the character of the tea which in this case is mild,musty and slightly sweet with an aroma of fresh earth. These characteristics have influenced the naming of this tea as ‘Earth Tea’ in some parts of China.

Each pod makes enough tea for three cups. If infusing in a cup, multiple infusions are possible with each infusion yielding a different flavour profile.


To enter the competition, simply answer the question below and email us with your full name and postal address to admin@thenaturalhealthblogger.com with the subject – Green Pu-Erh Tea Competition

What is the name of our website ?

A) The Nutrition Blogger
B) The Natural Health Blogger
C) The Fitness Blog

Closing date for the competition is the 10th of March 2016 and two lucky winners will be notified by email.

Terms & Conditions

One entry per household.

Free to enter and we accept worldwide entries, from all countries.

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